February Happenings at NOCHIFor Black History Month:
Daiq History + Holy Spirits Happy Hour – Wednesday, Feb. 12
Daiq History (6-7 p.m.) is an intimate, one-hour hands-on cocktail class led by Cocktails by POP that focuses on the history of rum, molasses, and the roles they played in the American slave trade, as well as rum’s ever-evolving place in American cocktail culture. Come thirsty since we’ll get into the daiquiri, decoded: learn to make (and riff on) this classic cocktail (and no, we don’t mean the kind that comes frozen in huge Styrofoam cups), and master the basics of mixology while you’re at it.

Following the class, the Holy Spirits Happy Hour (7pm ‘til) weaves together low-key party vibes with visual storytelling for a one-of-a-kind cultural experience you won’t want to miss. Come for the killer cocktails, snacks, and rooftop views; stay for the pop-up art installations and live DJ.

For Valentine’s Day:
Hot Date, Hot Plate – Friday, Feb. 14
Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a partner, friend, or your own fabulous self, bring a little extra love to dinnertime in this hands-on class. We’ll pair off to prep some updated classics (they taste better when you make ’em yourself), then sit down for a feast with plenty of wine. No need to make a reservation at a crowded restaurant — we’ve got you covered for something far more memorable!

For Mardi Gras:
King Cakes with Bronwen Wyatt – Tuesday, Feb. 18
Have your king cake and make it, too. Pastry chef Bronwen Wyatt (Elysian Bar, Bacchanal) is here to guide you through making (and customizing) the Mardi Gras confection of your dreams. In this hands-on class, we’ll master the buttery dough, classic shape, and cake decorating techniques, but you’ll have a chance to get creative with the filling, with everything from candied kumquats and spiced almond frangipane (Bronwen’s favorite) to Nutella. Participants will leave with their very own king cake.