Music makes the people come together. Madonna gave the world this beautiful mantra and nothing rings more true for a wedding then that statement. What feeling or vibe do you want for your wedding? Is it a more formal environment or do you want grandma up and dancing to today’s hits? These are the types of questions you must ask yourself. Making decisions on wedding music and entertainment can often be a stressful yet culminating experience. Luckily for those of you tying the knot in the Big Easy, there are a multitude of entertainment options. The trick is deciding which selection is the piece that fits perfectly into the beautiful puzzle that is your wedding.

         Plan out your options and read up on tips for picking out your wedding entertainment in this piece that recently published in the Winter/Spring 2015 issue of New Orleans Bride Magazine.



In the article linked above, several New Orleans musicians shared their favorite wedding songs. For example, Tom Drummond from the band Better Than Ezra confided that couples often tell him their song “I Just Knew” is a favorite for the first dance. 



We peeped into our crystal ball this morning and let it be known that on this day, your “Let Them Eat Cake” psychics predicted the most played wedding song of 2015! Get ready to break it down to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk” at most if not all of the weddings you attend this year. ENJOY!