It’s that time of year when we bundle up and search out hot cocktails to warm our chilly bones. Get out of our comfort zones and stir things up a bit during this wintry season.

We all know nothing will warm us up faster than a spiked cup of coffee or tea, but there are many other cocktails that may hit the spot.

The hot toddy has been an leader on the cocktail scene for a long time. It’s a great comforting drink, warm and toasty. The beauty of the toddy is you can craft it however you would like depending on your mood and taste.

We popped into Domenica (123 Baronne St.) where their hot toddy is a crowd pleaser. “With the cold days ahead of us, we offer it and can make it how you like,” said Valerie DeSalvatore, beverage manager. It’s typically served here with bourbon, lemon and honey with a nice lemon zest as garnish. This classic winter warmer is sure to please. Happy hour is everyday from 2-5 p.m.

Most places will offer the toddy with a variety of different twists on the classic. Trenasse (444 St. Charles Ave.) has a nice list of nine drinks served warm. A popular choice is The Peppermint Patty costing $8. It uses Community Coffee, creme de menthe, creme de cocoa and chocolate. Bartender Brandy Tardo says these warm drinks are especially popular right now and are good for soothing cold bodies on these wintery days. Happy hour at Trenasse is everyday from 3-6 p.m. If you're feeling adventurous, it isn’t a bad idea to go down their list and try them all.

When discussing cold weather drinks, we can’t leave out hot sake. At Tsunami (601 Poydras St.) bartender Tommy Discon says most people really like the drink, which has about the same alcohol content as wine. In Japan, sake is served chilled or at room temperature depending on the drinker, but here, with our cold weather, we think hot sake is the way to go. Sake is light and easy to drink and one that won’t disappoint. During happy hour at Tsunami, you can grab a sake for $3. We are getting warm just thinking about it.

Additionally, Luke (333 St. Charles Ave.) sees many people ordering the famous, and always popular, Irish coffee this time of year. Bartender Shea Prescott uses Irish whiskey or cream, simple syrup and coffee topped off with a drizzle of creme de menthe. Keep in mind there are several variations of making the classic Irish coffee. Just ask any bartender to craft it with your specific alcohol in mind. No doubt you will fall in love with the charm of this whiskey-spiked warmer.

We are thrilled that New Orleans has so many talented bartenders to keep us happy and warm this winter – or, for us, a few cold weeks. It's certainly not everyday that we are looking for warm cocktails in New Orleans, but here we are with a few tasty options. Snuggle up and have a sip. We hope you love them down to the last drop.


Have a favorite warm cocktail? Let us know so we can check it out and share it with everyone.