Fighting the Carnival Crash

10 easy ways to look and feel rejuvenated during the season

Carnival Season is always a favorite time of year for us all, but all the merriment can really make one look worn down. To help look a little more rested from all the “long day, late night” fête, here’s a little beauty carte du jour. Before you sleep, try the one product that I personally know every red carpet can’t live with out: Guerlain Midnight Secret. It detoxifies, replenishes, oxygenates, repairs and counteracts signs of fatigue. You really do wake to a radiant, more refreshed complexion – but don’t use this as your daily cream or it won’t have the same effect when you need it most! (Available at Dillard’s Lakeside; please ask for Cindy Schultz – she’s most kind and a real beauty asset!)

Next, begin the morning with a good ol’ stretch to get that body moving and your blood flowing. Pilates or yoga always leaves me feeling exhilarated. If you’re going to drink caffeinated beverages, trying aiming for tea – not as many highs and lows as coffee. (I suggest Yogi Tea.) If an energy drink is your crutch, aim for sugar-free or you’ll crash hard within a few hours. It is also important to drinks lots of water; staying hydrated gives you energy.

Get in the shower and exfoliate! Exfoliating makes your skin glow when it’s otherwise pale from no sleep. I use Philosophy Be Somebody Water Lily Salt Scrub. But you can always add a 1/2-cup sugar to your favorite liquid cleanser to do the trick. Before getting out of the shower give yourself a blast of cooler water to get your lymphatic system going. Make sure to moisturize your face as well as your body before getting dressed. Dry, tight skin equals tired looking skin. If you have some Visine or Innoxa Blue Drops, go ahead and drop them into your eyes (following the instructions, of course).

Next is makeup: Keep it simple. All you need is bright eyes and rosy cheeks and lips. Start with your foundation base (if you feel you need it). When I use a base I use I use L’Oréal Paris Bare Naturale Mineral Powder. It is light, quick and so very easy to apply. For your eyes, try white pearlescent liquid eyeliner going from the inner corner of your eyes and halfway along the bottom lash line. You only need a tiny bit! Give your lashes a couple coats of mascara; one of my favorites is CoverGirl LashBlast (in the big orange tube). For cheeks, put just enough blush to add a rosy, healthy glow. I like a combination of NARS Bronzer and my favorite NARS cream blush blush in Orgasm. Then follow with your lipstick. I really like Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Lip Gloss in two “wake-up” hues: Popsicle, a bright rosy pink, and Nectar, a pink coral). The sheer, reflective formula, coupled with the hues, wakes up your face and helps create the illusion of fuller lips.

Lastly, don’t forget a spritz of light citrus scented body spray; I recommend Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Spray Perfume. The citrus scent will help energize you. If you have time to eat breakfast, go for something light and nutritious. Eat fresh fruit such as bananas, which are packed with potassium, and protein such as eggs or yogurt. (Chobani Yogurt is the best Greek yogurt ever.) If your stomach is a tad upset from the night before – for whatever reason – try some toast and ginger ale or add a little ginger to your tea. Ginger is very healing for upset stomachs.

If you start to feel a crash at any point in the day, try and get out in the sunlight and throw in a few different stretches to get your blood flowing again. Doing these things or even just a few of them can make a big difference in your appearance and your energy level, leaving you looking well-rested on little or no sleep. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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