Final Flair

The traditions and practices couples bring to their Big Day changes and evolves as the years pass. For decades, brides have donned their wedding dresses until the last guest is out the door at the reception. Or some fashion-loving brides slip into a special reception dress that allows her to shimmy and shake on the dance floor. These practices however, might seem a tad outrageous to our grandparent’s generation.

In the ‘40s and ‘50s for example, women planned their “going away outfit.” This ensemble served many purposes. It was a way for the bride to get out of her gown and into a more comfortable and trendy outfit. It also acted as the bride’s traveling clothes as the two darted off, tin cans clanging under the “Just Married” sign, to their honeymoon. The going away frock was usually less flashy or couture than the wedding dress and in a cream or tan color – often a skirt suit topped off with a hat and matching shoes, think Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding suit in the movie “Sex and the City.”

The men also practiced this tradition. Changing out of their tux or military suit, for example, and into a more comfortable 3-piece suit and shoes for traveling.

Vintage is a common theme for weddings today and bringing back this tradition could solidify the couple’s inspiration, while bringing a flair for the dramatic with a sweeping fashion filled exit. 


Final Flair Final Flair
*(L to R) Audrey Hepburn's wedding to Andrea Dotti in 1969 and Elizabeth Taylor's wedding to Michael Wilding in 1952
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