Last week I was on a Royal Caribbean Cruise with my husband and in-laws – thanks for the amazing present, Betty and Frank – and while sailing back from Nassau, the Saints were playing.

Since we had sailed out of New Orleans, there was a good chance of running into a few Saints fans, but chatter about the game beforehand was nonexistent.

We ate dinner at the late seating (that night it was 7 p.m. Central). Afterward, my husband and I decided to see if we could find somewhere showing the game.


We needn’t have worried.


The British pub-themed bar had it on two screens – and was full of Who Dats cheering. The huge screen in front of the main pool was also showing it, and some Who Dats had found the best place ever to watch a Saints game: in the hot tub with drink service.

Throughout the rest of the trip fans were sporting Saints shirts with pride, and quiet “who dats” were traded in way of greetings on every level. 


Though this past weekend ended this year’s post-season hopes, the bonds between Saints fans – even when they loose – can be found everywhere.