I always thought a brush is a brush is a brush, but recently I was gifted a pricey boar bristle hairbrush, one I would’ve never purchased myself, and I’m sold! All along I could’ve been working smart for my hair rather than against it. We all tend to invest in hair styling tools and expensive products in our quest for perfect hair. While product is certainly very important, so is taking time to choose the correct hairbrush; the wrong brush can totally ruin the health of your hair.

The key thing to look for in a brush is to find one for your hair type, making sure you find a brush that’s gentle to your scalp while making your hair look healthier and smoother. Of course, there are numerous types of brushes, styles and materials – each and every one having properties that can help solve hair issues.

Some essential things to remember: never brush wet hair, always get a brush that isn’t too stiff and if your brush is damaged at all – even if just one of the ball tips is missing – then it’s time to replace it. For a quick go-to guide, I’ve listed the four basics below:

Vent Brush
A vent brush is a thinner brush made from a light plastic or ceramic. This type of brush is easy to handle, and it can easily replace the comb. It is suitable for different hair types and lengths. Moreover, it’s easy to clean and the ball tipped bristles allow hair removal on the brush without too much effort, while the large holes allow air to move freely through the brush and therefore making the drying process easier.

Use a vent brush as a finishing styling step. Apply a soft layer of hairspray on the brush and pass it through your hair in order to emphasize hair movement. This will also help you to add some texture to your hair.

Boar Bristle Brush
A boar bristle hairbrush is the best option when you want to add some volume. This rigid yet non-aggressive fiber protects fragile hair and limits static energy. Its thick bristles help you untangle hair easily. Moreover, it has the great advantage of being the perfect choice for children, as it eases the difficulty of untangling their hair without pulling.

Boar bristle brushes are amazing as they make your hair look healthier. They are the perfect choice for thick hair, which is so hard to manage. Boar bristles also stimulate and clean the scalp.

Large, Round Brush
Long, straight hair seems to always be in style. For this, you need a super large round brush, which allows you to smooth larger locks. You can go for a brush made from a combination of synthetic and boar bristles that will make your long hair look soft and shiny and will stimulate your scalp. If you choose a ceramic brush, this will accelerate the drying process.

Paddle Brush
A larger, wide-toothed paddle cushion brush with bamboo ball tipped bristles allows you to gently untangle knots. Its air cushion softens the untangling process, acting gently on hair and scalp. Its ergonomic handle makes untangling easier.

If your hair is very frizzy, start untangling from the ends towards the roots. If you have medium hair, use a cushion brush to smooth hair without adding volume. If you go for wood, remember that this is a natural heat conductor and is why it reduces the drying time and neutralizes static electricity. Cushion brushes are the perfect choice for fragile and damaged hair, and they can also be used on fine hair.

With the right tool, your hair can get the right finish in half the time!