Chances are that sometime this month around parade time, you’ll find yourself laying out a spread of finger sandwiches (I’m partial to the ones cut into triangles or mini-muffulettas), potato salad, cheese straws and the like. 

Instead of popping the top off the tray, adding a stack of go-cups and calling it a day, why not take the time to transfer those sandwiches to that platter you never use and adding some perfect touches to elevate your whole look?

Dunn & Sonnier Antiques, Flowers & Gifts to the rescue. Pictured here are: Antique silver crown with colored jewels; the “Carpe Diem” box with “Seize the Day” on the inside filled with sterling picks (not from Dunn & Sonnier); gold crown on white guest towels; and artichoke salt and pepper shakers. If artichokes and day seizing aren’t your thing, they offer the salt and pepper shakers and boxes in many other shapes and sayings. 

Dunn & Sonnier Antiques, Flowers & Gifts
3433 Magazine St., 504-524-3235