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First Weekend Lessons

I have attended more than 50 days of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, which doesn’t make me special or an expert, only determined.

There are many music festivals across the county, but ours has some of the most amazing food, music, artisans and people (attendees, workers and performers) – though there could be more access to free water hookups, or as other festivals refer to them: hydration stations.

Through my festival time I’ve learned a few things, and while we're in between weekends, I’d like to share 8 of them:

1. There is no such thing as too much sunscreen or shade

2. It takes all types, from festival to floral

Alysha Rooks

3. The best unexpected bonus to this years fest: cordoned off paths through the Acrua Stage seating area
Drew Morock

4. Security can be your friend or your enemy, so be polite
Drew Morock
5. Don't disregard older acts
First Weekend Lessons

6. Take pictures to remember who you saw and fun moments with friends
Drew Morock

7. Know your flags, and know how to use them as direction markers so that other people can find you and you them
Alysha Rooks

8. BE POLITE! Everyone is hot and muggy, which can make people ornery, so take the extra moment to be nice

And a bonus: Don't forget to take a deep breath and look around every once in awhile, you'll almost always find something to make you smile

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