Every week in Lent, we brought readers a fish-forward recipe from a local New Orleans chef or restaurant. Because New Orleans is a seafood-driven city, we have a lagniappe recipe to add to your weekend plans. This week, try the Picnic Fish Fry from Picnic Provisions & Whiskey on Magazine Street.



  • 1.5 lbs Des Allemands Catfish
  • 1.5 cups Buttermilk marinade Recipe:
    • Equal parts Buttermilk & Crystal Hot Sauce (3/4 cup buttermilk to 3⁄4 cup Crystal hot sauce)
  • Cornmeal Crust recipe:
    • 2 cup yellow cornmeal 2 cup all-purpose flour
    • 2 oz Crystal Hot Sauce Pulp (if Pulp is not available, you can omit or use 1⁄4 tsp of cayenne pepper)
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Lemon Wedge



  1. Pour 2-inches of vegetable oil into a large skillet. Place skillet over large burner and heat oil over medium high heat.
    To check if oil is hot enough, drop in 1-inch cube of white bread. The bread should brown in about 40 seconds.
  2. Cut catfish into 3 oz strips and season with salt & pepper.
  3. Coat catfish in buttermilk marinade and dredge in cornmeal crust. Be sure the fish is fully coated.
  4. Gently set coated fish into hot oil and fry 4-5 minutes on each side until medium golden brown in color.
  5. When the fish is evenly golden all over, remove and drain on a plated lined with paper towels.
  6. Serve with fresh lemon wedge & Duke’s mayonnaise.