Every so often, we take a look into our crystal ball and foretell a trend that will skyrocket in the bridal and wedding world.

Previously, we predicted (Jan. 12 of this year, to be exact) that “Uptown Funk,” by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars would become the most played wedding and party song. Since you cannot turn on the radio without hearing the song, we think our prediction is coming true.  Read the post here.

Today, we are making another prophecy for the wedding world. Let it be known that on this day, Melanie Warner Spencer – one half of LTEC – foresees brides, bridesmaids and flower girls and heck, maybe even the entire bridal party and all of the guests, having pictures taken of them blowing glitter and confetti in celebration. This setup makes for an adorable image and gives the photographer an opportunity to express creativity through focus and lighting.

This prediction came be on a recent Saturday when Spencer, enjoying a cocktail on the patio at the Columns on St. Charles Avenue. Not only a popular venue for weddings and the corresponding celebrations, the Columns also is a favorite location for photographers to take their brides and grooms for photo shoots. On this particular day, a photographer, her assistant and a bride in full wedding gown regalia popped onto the lawn to snap a few photos in front of the grand, columned porch. The photographer planted herself in front of the bride, instructing her to gently unfold her hands and blow. The confetti whimsically sprang forth, into the breeze, as did the certainty in Spencer’s mind that she had just witnessed the next trend in bridal photography.

Brace yourselves for the confetti showers.


Are you a photographer with glitter and confetti images? Send them to us! We would love to see them.