Flip the Sip Script


With visions of your dream wedding dancing in your head, you never imagined, “Let’s raise a can to the happy couple!” But, times, trends and hip drinks change — and you want your bar to go with the flow. 

Shirin Braden, senior market manager of Moët Hennessy USA, has seen a major uptick in canned and mini bottles of champagne as part of milestone celebrations. 

“When I see a mini bottle or can at a wedding, I think the bride and groom are looking to incorporate fun elements that are not seen as cookie cutter ideas,” said Braden, noting the added bonus of the hygienic element of individual drinks. 

“Coming out of the Covid-era, where people are maybe still looking to reduce touch points, the mini champagnes just offer a simple, quick, single serve option that is still very premium and adds an element of fun.” 

 Braden said individual portions can be used seamlessly in all areas of your celebration, particularly for providing guests with drinks during transition moments at the reception. “They really set a tone if you have someone who is doing group transportation from hotels to the church and you greet them on the bus or limo with a mini. I think everyone would think you are next level awesome.” 

 In addition, Quinn Richard, owner of Cocktail + Creative, suggests pre-batched cocktails as a way to keep a timely tempo at the bar. 

“When we talk about batched cocktails, the main reason is for speed of service,” said Richard. “This allows us to create amazing quality drinks or punches that can get to your guests a lot faster.”

Highlighting ideas like a peach tea-infused cocktail or a chicory coffee spiked with bourbon as crowd favorite pre-batched concepts, Richard believes the swift service keeps partygoers with a drink in hand, but it doesn’t mean sacrificing showmanship or style in service. 

“With batched drinks, you’re able to still garnish at a high level, shake them, pour them, put them in a coup and deliver them with flair,” said Richard. “That fun interaction is definitely still there, and at a faster pace.”

Brands like Abita are getting into the spirit of things with new RTD (ready-to-drink) cans of Libre Rum & Cola. “Partygoers want to party!” says David Blossman, president and CEO of Abita Brewing Company. “They don’t want to spend their time waiting in line at the bar. Canned cocktails allow the couple or guests to spend more time mingling and celebrating.”

The modern day service style also helps when elbows bump on the dance floor. “As an added plus, you don’t have to worry about the drink spilling out of a glass, or even worse, dropping the glass and it shattering everywhere,” said Blossman. “At least if you drop the can, it’s a much easier cleanup!”

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