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Floral Lagniappe

Sometimes, the little things are what stand out the most. Recently, LTEC came across a small wedding detail we thought made all the difference. Inserted into an invitation were dried flower petals. Now, these small flower petals took on multiple meanings. First, they added to the invitation, offering flora to the design and aesthetic of the invite. However, they also added an element guests could bring into the actual wedding. The flower petals were meant to be thrown in celebration as the couple walked back down the aisle as newlyweds. 

The flowers can match the theme and come from different flowers guests will see throughout the ceremony or reception. They could also match whatever flora the bride, groom or wedding party will be donning. No matter how they are planned, these little petals are sure to add an extra elegance to your invitation and wedding experience. Remember, it’s the little things that count. 



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