For many years, fresh flowers seemed like such an indulgence, so I only had them in the house on special occasions or when they were a gift. Thankfully I’ve gotten over that mindset and now incorporate vases, jars and other containers of flowers, greenery or sometimes branches into my everyday décor. Whether a $4 bouquet from the grocery store or a professional arrangement, bringing a little of the outside into my rooms is a priority. Aesthetic beauty is enough of a reason for me, but if it makes you a convert, flowers are also good for your health. A 2008 study by Park and Mattson showed patients with plants and flowers in their rooms had “positive physiological responses,” including lower blood pressure, lower pain ratings, lower anxiety and less fatigue. Peonies are a favorite of mine, but I’m also a lover of gerbera daisies and hydrangeas. Find your favorite and enjoy this simple, healthful luxury.