Daniel Zangara Headshot, Updated

Daniel Zangara attended Tulane University’s School of Architecture, and, in 2012, established his architectural firm of Zangara + Partners. Focusing on the culture and architectural beauty of New Orleans, the company aims to find a perfect blend of the old and the new, the classic and the contemporary. The firm’s goal is to respect and preserve history and original elements while modifying it for modern-day living. With hand-drawn and painstakingly detailed designs, Zangara + Partners prioritizes accuracy and their client relationships in order to produce greatly respected residential design projects.


Bon Vivant: How are you navigating the COVID-19 crisis (in business or personally)?

Daniel Zangara: Our team is working remotely. Site visits include wearing masks and gloves. It’s strange meeting new clients for the first time and not being able to greet them the way we normally did.


BV: What creative methods are you discovering in order to continue to serve clients?

Zangara: For schematic phases of some projects, we have done several FaceTime calls at the properties, with the clients at their secondary residences. Virtual walkthroughs have become essential. Projects that are under construction have their own challenges as well. We have met with subcontractors and contractors on-site and relayed information to our clients. Post-walkthrough conference calls have become common, to make sure everyone is on the same page.


BV: Who or what is inspiring you right now and why?

Zangara: The resiliency of everyone is inspiring and the motivation that this will pass and we will all push forward, stronger.


Daniel Zangara 1
house on Esplanade Avenue

BV: What is the most helpful piece of career or life advice you’ve ever received, where did it come from and why was it so impactful for you?

Zangara: Nothing you do is a waste. We work on providing our clients with multiple schematic options in the beginning. Sometimes, the smallest design decision can lead you down a schematic trail that produces a completely different overall plan. We like to explore all options.


BV: Guilty pleasure?      

Zangara: Sneaking out after work to play tennis. Unfortunately, all I can do is watch Wimbledon reruns right now.


BV: If readers did only one thing to enhance their interior, what would you suggest?

Zangara: Paint it. Ha ha.



Find and follow Zangara + Partners at zangarapartners.com, on Instagram at @zangarapartners and on Facebook at facebook.com/Zangarapartners.