Herb, HeadshotOwner of Herbivore Floral Designs, Herb Oldknow is a special event florist and floral designer with a background in management and merchandising. After working for several years for Pier 1 Imports as general manager of five stores, Oldknow moved to New Orleans, switched careers and opened his own floral design business. His work ethic, friendly service and excellent product have earned him a name in the New Orleans wedding scene. He lives with his husband and dog and enjoys travel and all things pop culture.


Bon Vivant: How are you navigating the COVID-19 crisis (in business or personally)?

Herb Oldknow: The way that I am navigating through this crisis is being proactive and researching and staying up to date with webinars or reading what different businesses are doing. Even though it’s a very difficult time, it somehow makes me feel a little better that everyone is dealing with the same problems and that I’m not alone during these struggling times. As a business owner, you are always asking yourself, ‘Am I doing the right thing for my business and employees?’ And sometimes, you have to see how other businesses are handling this situation.


BV: What creative methods are you discovering in order to continue to serve clients?

Oldknow: One of the things we are doing to serve our clients or future clients is by maintaining our Instagram and Facebook on a daily [basis]. I believe if clients or potential clients see that we are doing well and posting flowers and wedding images, they will engage and hopefully think of us when planning their wedding.


BV: Who or what is inspiring you right now and why?

Oldknow: Hands down, the most inspirational thing to me at this moment is all the healthcare workers on the frontline and the kindness of strangers coming together as a community.


BV: What is the most helpful piece of career or life advice you’ve ever received, where did it come from and why was it so impactful for you?

Oldknow: The best piece of advice that I received was to stay honest, be confident, stay humble, ask for help and believe in myself and my abilities. This has always stuck with me in all aspects of my professional life. This piece of advice has always helped me get back on track when I get sidetracked.


BV: Guilty pleasure?

Oldknow: Anything that is Bravo.  I’m a sucker for a good reality show.



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