For extroverts, they’ve reached the point of stir-crazy; for introverts, they’re wondering how to get their extroverted roommates to maybe calm down a bit. Regardless of whether you’re introverted, extroverted or anything in between, we’ve put our heads together and come up with some unique ways to pass the time during quarantine.


  1. Fancy cocktail hour

Staying in is no excuse. Break out your nice suit or the dress from that fancy Mardi Gras Ball, put on some deodorant and perfume, and spend the night on the couch in your finery, drinking cocktails, dancing, or gossiping with friends on a group call or video chat. Have a great necklace you’ve never had a chance to wear? Fancy hat that’s never seen the light of day? Break it out and embrace your opulence.


  1. Pet fashion show

Is there anything better than a pet in costume? Objectively, no. No, there isn’t. Give your cat a scarf turban; craft a paper hat to gently place on your parakeet’s head; put your dog in a tank top, take a pic, and share – or, better, a video. Please show us dogs walking in socks, which is one of the great joys in life. Perhaps that hideous Hawaiian shirt from Goodwill is waiting for a second life as a puppy’s muumuu. Designers, make it work!


  1. Build a movie party pillow fort

Break out the sheets, broomsticks, pillows and popcorn. If you have kids, great! If you don’t, also great. Touch base with your inner child and get to work on the most fantastic pillow fort your mind can imagine – give it partitioned rooms, a snack bar (and/or a regular bar…), excellent lounging options and lots of blankets. When you’re done, break out the movie snacks (or some regular snacks) and start up a movie marathon.


  1. Make breakfast for dinner

An oldie but a goody – it’s a rare person who doesn’t find at least a little bit of joy in sitting down to a full plate of waffles, bacon, eggs and OJ in the evening. (Personally, we think there’s also something a little nice about having breakfast and then heading to bed…like you’re living a life of wealth and luxury in which you can climb back into bed after breakfast.) If this is old hat for you, mix it up; try new pancake combinations (frozen blueberries in pancake mix is delicious) or even eating outside on a patio or porch.


  1. Host weekly challenge clubs

Social distancing is great for slowing a pandemic; however, it’s not great for humans, especially those who thrive on social interaction. But video chatting can get old, and you can only have so many phone conversations in a day. Instead, we’re turning to good old-fashioned competition. Get together a group of friends and set some challenges for yourselves. They can be physical – who can do the most push-ups in a week? – to mental – who gets further in Duolingo? Regardless, you can have plenty of fun tracking them together, taunting those who aren’t in first or racing to catch up to those who are.


  1. Start a book club

One of the most common refrains of the working adult is, “Oh, I wish I had more time to read!” Well, you’re in luck. But for those who are indecisive, or unsure where to jump in to the reading pool, or just plain dragging their feet, there’s a resource that can help: a book club. It doesn’t have to be Oprah or Reese Witherspoon’s (although those are a great place to start) – you can get together with friends who have similar tastes and make a genre book club, a pandemic book club or a “we really want to drink wine and gossip about celebrities” “book” club.


  1. Have a night at the theatre

With Broadway dimming its lights and shows nation-wide shutting down, it can be hard for a musical theatre lover to put on a happy face. But it’s not impossible! Thanks to our wide network of streaming services, much-beloved theatrical classic are available at the touch of a finger. Put on your theatre clothes, do your hair, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit back to enjoy a night out at the theatre, whether with a roommate or on your own. (The benefit of theatre at home? When you sing along, there’s not somebody getting ready to shush you from the row behind yours.)


  1. Social distance block party

Block parties are a fond memory for many of us – but not really a great social distance practice. If you’re in the suburbs and you miss your neighbors and the vibe of being part of a community, reach out to neighbors through Nextdoor and set up a social distance block party. Bring your lawn chairs and a table out to the end of your driveway, wave to your neighbors at the end of theirs, and kick your legs up with a cold beer and a good book in the evening sunshine. Enjoy the fresh air, the faint sounds of people around you and the knowledge that we’re all in this together.


  1. Fake makeup influencer party

Do you and your friends love to watch – and, perhaps, mock – makeup gurus, real and wannabe, on social media? Do you and your friends enjoy getting a little tipsy? Break out the wine, the makeup brushes and the webcam and host your very own makeup influencer party. Have a fun cocktail hour, and then have fun making over yourself (or, perhaps, a significant other). If you’re in the mood to get a little silly, blindfold yourself and do your partner’s makeup, or close your eyes and have your friends guide you through a full face application via video chat!


  1. Make social plans

We may not know when this is ending, or how long it will last, but no matter what it feels like, it’s not forever. We know that it’s sometimes hard to make plans in the moment; we all have that new bar or great little restaurant we want to visit, but never seem to get to. Now’s the time to make plans – text your friends, order a gift card from that place you’ve been meaning to go to, and start planning for the future. The best part is that it’s not just a hypothetical to keep your hopes up; you’ll be helping small businesses continue to generate revenue and making sure you have a social calendar you’re excited about.