Toups South, located in the Southern Food & Beverage Museum, started its Counter Club series in September 2017 and since has experienced sold out dinner after sold out dinner. The series — created by Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” contestant and James Beard Foundation Award semifinalist Isaac Toups — each has its own theme (i.e. cheese, foul, etc.), features a four-course meal for the evening and serves up to 20 guests seated around the counter of the open kitchen setting. After the huge success of the dinner series, the restaurant added a brunch option available to diners the second Sunday of each month. Not only is this an extra opportunity for brunch lovers to experience the culinary talents of Toups and his chefs, but it also opens up an opportunity for wedding celebrations.

Though maybe not obvious to the typical diner, this counter experience and culinary interaction gives brides and grooms and even extended family an entertaining element, which can enhance bridal brunches, bridesmaid or groomsmen asks, an option for out of town guests or even something as simple as a day date or stop off while shopping for a wedding dress.

The possibilities are endless and there is no doubt Chef Isaac will serve up the amusement for whatever party is put in front of him.

The first Counter Club Brunch will is March 11, at 11 a.m. and features pancake battered smoked sausage, a Louisiana shrimp and crab roll, churros and more.

Reservations are mad by calling the restaurant directly at 504-304-2147.



EDITOR’S NOTE: Toups South is no longer in operation.