Those of you who follow the New Orleans Bride Magazine Facebook page (which is obviously all of you, right?) likely saw the post about using leaves to create confetti for guests to toss on the bride and groom after they say, “I Do.” This is a lovely, eco-and animal-friendly alternative to metallic confetti or rice.

There are other ways to create a more sustainable wedding making swaps on everything from invitations to favors. 

We love the idea of using leaves for confetti, especially considering how easy it is to execute. All you need is a few leaves big enough to use a hole puncher and out pops your confetti. This could also be used as part of a table decoration, if the couple is opting for an earthier look.

Another idea, one which we’ve talked a little about on the blog before, is making your centerpieces reusable, or to give them away as favors. A potted plant, or succulent that guests can take home and plant back into the ground is not only a lovely reminder of your wedding, but gives back to Mother Earth all at the same time.

Your favors could also include something reusable, like coffee beans in a multi-purpose bag or a sweet treat that they can pick up on the way out with no waste involved. The couple could even make jams or preserves, house them in mason jars or other decorative glass receptacles, and not only does the guest have something tasty to bring home, but they now have a jar that can hold other items or food.

A small gesture involving the couple’s flowers, both bouquets and centerpieces, is a little thing that can go a long way. Last summer, we reported on Distressed Rentals’ new program “Share The Love.” This program was created by owner and designer Audra O’Dom to take flowers that would otherwise be thrown out and bring them to local hospitals and nursing homes. Not only do these lovely blooms not get thrown away and forgotten at the end of the night, they are given to someone else to brighten their day. A small, true pay it forward moment.


Have you incorporated eco-friendly options into your wedding? Tell us in the comments below!