Fred C. Buras
Clothing by Saks Fifth Avenue: Theory jacket, pant and shirt

Fred Buras has been a top producing realtor in the Greater New Orleans area for over 30 years.

He entered the real estate profession at a challenging time, when companies were leaving the city because of changes in the oil industry. Because of that, Fred attributes his success to the late Martha Ann Samuel, a real estate legend who saw his potential and mentored him at her own company. Since then, Fred has gone on to start three Berkshire Hathaway real estate offices in New Orleans and Mandeville with over 100 agents.

Fred considers it part of his mission to pay forward the generosity Martha showed him, and he prides himself on training and encouraging his new agents to be as effective and professional as possible. He carefully guides each team member through the dynamics of the industry, sharing best practices on negotiating and closing deals and, most importantly, supporting clients.
After all, Fred believes the best agents are the ones who never forget the person at the other end of the deal.