Freshen Up

Try on a new look this year

If shaking up your look is something you’ve been pondering, there’s no better New Year’s resolution. While you may be longing for an expensive head-to-toe makeover, what you may really need is a way of letting go of some dated, old-fashioned looks to let a more authentic and a more fresh you shine through. (Trust me, it’s a more achievable goal than losing 50 pounds by Mardi Gras season, anyway.) You don’t have to get as outrageous as Lady Gaga, but just stepping a bit outside your comfort zone is enough to do the trick most of the time. Try these easy tips, and you’ll feel like a more sassy you in no time.

1. Look in the mirror.

Ask yourself: “Am I doing this for me or to please someone else?” If it’s about you, keep on going: “How do I want to present myself? What do I feel good about? What do I want to update?” It is important to let the changes you make or want to make reflect the real you. While shape, style and cut are key ingredients of any fashion trend, don’t overlook the power of color to bring your look up to current fashion.

2. Clean out your closet.

Make three piles: one for items that fit well and make you feel great, one for items that need tailoring and one for items to donate or toss. Clearing out clutter helps you evaluate what you still need and will make room for a hot new wardrobe pieces – and it lets you appreciate what you already own! Tip: Get the pile of donate and toss out of the house fast … you may start to second-guess yourself.

3. Find a fashion mentor.

Share your mission with one of your stylish friends. Ask them to dish their fashion and style secrets: What designers do they love? Take some time with them and go shopping. If you hit the mall solo, go ahead get advice from someone who works there that you think looks chic; they know their merchandise and will help you find what silhouettes and colors might look good on you.

4. Experiment.

Give yourself a little permission to try a look that you may think “isn’t really you.” Once you step out of your wardrobe safety zone, you’ll see your fashion possibilities in a whole new way. And if the look doesn’t feel quite right, ask yourself which parts did work. You may find a single new element to make your own.

5. Don’t give up.

The best thing about a style change is that if you don’t love it, you can leave it. If that new jacket looks a little too funky? Return it! Haircut a bit short? It will grow back! As you develop your look and your style, you’ll see what clothes and makeup bring out the best version of you – and it builds confidence along the way.

Go ahead enjoy rediscovering yourself; it’s always fun to recharge your spirits with a fresh look!

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