From Vine to Table

Tomatoes, when they’re shipped to our supermarkets from California or Mexico, are picked green, sprayed with a gas to delay spoilage, packed into a refrigerated boxcar, sent to a wholesale distributor, then trucked to the store. At best, the process might take a week.

Tomatoes, when they come from Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes, are picked almost red, packed into a pickup truck and brought not only to supermarkets but events such as the annual Creole Tomato in the French Quarter. At best, the process, from vine to table, could take as little as an hour or two.

Imported tomatoes are available year-round because, in their manipulated world, seasons don’t matter. Creoles are only available in June and July – the way nature intended. Sliced Creoles with a bit of pepper: One more step for the Recovery; one more reason why it’s good to be home.

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