If there was any doubt as to why Garth Brooks was named the 2016 CMA Entertainer of the Year, it was squashed during his Saturday night performance at the Cajundome.

From receiving flowers brought to him by a five-year-old fan on stage, to acknowledging crowd messages written on signs, to conceding to sing the third verse in “Friends in Low Places,” Brooks was in full form, and working every angle of the stage.

Early in the show, Brooks got the crowd invested, by getting them to sing along to songs like “Two Pina Coladas,” and light up the stadium with their cell phones.

For anyone not drawn in by Brook’s music, the elaborate stage, including a cast of back-up singers and musicians, a huge LED screen playing videos to accompany his songs and the spinning globe structure surrounding his drummer were enough to keep people’s eyes on the stage at the very least.

The choice of back up instruments and vocals worked well for Brooks as violins rushed to accompany him on multiple songs, and vocalists helped to engage all sides of the crowd by singing to them and dancing along to the music.

Brooks was a ball of energy as he jumped around the stage, played back to back with several musicians and even went behind the keyboard to play his guitar alongside piano player Steve Cox.  

Garth Brooks Lights Up Cajundome

Brooks appreciates the dynamics offered by his crew and took the time to acknowledge each member individually, some of whom have been touring with him since the early 90’s.

About halfway through the performance, Brooks’ better half rose out from the bottom of the stage to sing a duet to “In Another’s Eye’s.”

Wife, Trisha Yearwood added to Brooks engaging style by reminding the crowd that as rowdy as he can be, when all is said and done he comes home to a good woman, who helps keep him grounded.

Yearwood kept her look classy with a little sass as she sported a sparkly white jacket, a brown top with jeans and a bedazzled microphone.

Garth Brooks Lights Up Cajundome Garth Brooks Lights Up Cajundome

After the duet, Yearwood performed some of her classic songs, including “XXX’s and OOO’s,” “The Wrong Side of Memphis,” and got the crowd to hit the high notes with her during “How Do I Live.”

Yearwood kept the girl power vibe of her set going by calling back up vocalist and senior Nashville  song writer, Karyn Rochelle back to the stage.

Before Brooks began his set for the evening, Rochelle played a few songs on acoustic guitar after Mitch Rossell kicked the night off with a few of his own songs.

Later, Yearwood played on the romantic vibe sparked by her and her husband’s duet by turning a kiss cam on the crowd while singing, “She’s in Love With the Boy.”

Brooks made his way back onto the stage after using Yearwood’s set for a well-deserved break.

He sent her off with a kiss and picked back up with the crowd for the second half of the show.

For the second half, Brooks sang songs like, “Shameless,” “Calling Baton Rouge,” and “Friends in Low Places,” and offered no shortage of antics.

Garth Brooks Lights Up Cajundome

After finding out he could get the crowd to cheer at the point of a finger, a hilarious pointing frenzy ensued to see which side of the stadium could show the most enthusiasm.

Brooks continued to show his entertainment chops until the end of night and gave the crowd one last encore before bidding them a due.

If you’re itching to see Brooks perform before he leaves the area, you can catch him at the Cajundome this Friday at 7 p.m., and Saturday at 7:30 p.m., for his last two shows in Lafayette.

Tickets are $74.98 and can be purchased at cajundome.com.


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