Food brings everyone together. No city embodies that ideal more true New Orleans.

We celebrate gumbo, poor boys, fried chicken and more to the tune of thousands of festivalgoers and local bands.

So why wouldn’t a couple use food to introduce their out of town guests to our city?

The Southern Food and Beverage Museum in Central City is dedicated to educating visitors on Southern food. It even offers special cooking classes to highlight local cuisine and help visitors bring a taste back home.

These cooking classes are an excellent opportunity for a couple to enjoy with future in laws, grandparents or even friends and their bridal party to give them a taste of New Orleans.

Liz Williams, SoFab founder and president, and Jyl Benson, director of Culinary Programming, give guests a look into New Orleans’ history beyond the recipe.

Not only will you get first hand, step by step cooking directions from Benson, but you’ll also get a tour of the museum from Williams, and a chance to taste the delicious three-course meal you’ll witness being made.

The museum offers three different courses – Louisiana’s Cajun Cuisine, Creole New Orleans Cuisine, and Creole Italian Cuisine – and group parties, which must be arranged separately.

Add this culinary exploration into your out of town guest itinerary and you’ll be sure to have a few visitors coming back after the wedding.

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