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Today we’re discussing the bridal party processional. I, Kelly, have a few friends getting married and a hot topic of conversation is which groomsman each bridesmaid will walk with down the aisle.

For as long as I can remember, it has been an unwritten rule in my head that a couple that is in the same wedding party and not married cannot be paired to walk ahead of the bride in the processional, because it’s bad luck to walk down the aisle together before you actually walk down the aisle as a married couple.

I have scoured the internet for someone to agree with me, or at least tell me where this superstition came from, and I have come up empty handed. I did find a few Reddit and wedding-related question sites that had someone asking if this was a real superstition – so, I’m not the only one that has heard of it – but no one commented that they were aware of this or its origins.


Whether it’s true or not – as I will still never walk down the aisle with my significant other before we are married – we came up with a few other ways to match your bridal party for their walk down the aisle at your wedding.



Simply by height

This is the easiest option. Look to see which attendants match up with height (keep in mind that some may opt to wear a heel) and pair them together. This will be aesthetically pleasing for both the walk down, as well as the photos – if you choose to have them stand with their aisle partners.


Relation to the bride and/or groom, significance

Typically, if close family members or friends are involved in the bridal party, couples may want to put them toward the end of the processional (closer to the altar or ceremony area).


Relation to the bride/groom then match the height of the bridesmaids/groomsmen

This one is like the previous option, but if only one part of the couple has more family members or family friends. You’d place those people how you want them and then match the other side accordingly, whether by height, married couples or personality.


By personality

Like mentioned above, it could be fun to match up your attendants by personality. Their height or significant other doesn’t matter, it’s all about character and disposition. This works even better if you’re going to introduce your attendants at the reception – be prepared for TikTok dances or funny and interesting introductions from these pairs.


By friends or connection

This could also be a personality interpretation, but — Kelly here — I put this in because of a wedding I’ll be in next year. It’s my best friend’s wedding (no, not Dermot Mulroney — hopefully, someone among you gets that reference) and I’ll be paired with our other friend’s fiancé, because (you guessed it) I told the couple it’s bad luck to walk down the aisle with your fiancé, plus I’ve known this groomsman for over 10 years. We’re friends, it won’t be awkward like it would be if it was a groomsman I didn’t know, and it actually ticks the personality box as well.



No matter how you choose to display your best gal or guy pals on the day of your wedding, it will be perfect. These few options give you somewhere to start, so you’re not scrambling on the day of the rehearsal dinner.



How and why did you match up your bridal party? Let us know in the comments!




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