Creative stimulation comes in all forms. Whenever I feel stagnant in my expression, as I have felt lately, I like to get out of my element. So many forms of expression are interconnected that it only makes sense to take in as much as you can. That never fails to kickstart something in me. But where to start?         

As a writer, I tend to listen to more music than read books or articles. It’s the cadence. I like how a pace can be set and changed and used to convey a sense of momentum. Or brevity for emphasis. The texture of visual work taught me the effect of balance. How the spaces between are as important as the objects, and how the foreground and background must agree.

 This upcoming week in Acadiana, there are many sources of inspiration available. Music, visual art, and dance are abundant always, but this week had so much going on that I couldn’t pick one. And so, autodidacts and creatives, I have compiled a list of shows, classes and presentations that I think have the most potential for creative stimulation. Cheers!

Ongoing: The Hallway: This new artist-run, not-for-profit gallery displays and sells the work of regional artists at 625 Garfield St. The gallery first opened at this July’s artwalk, and will be open for subsequent artwalks. However, by special appointment, you can observe the works on your own time and in solitude. More information can be found at

July 21: The Big Bad Tease: Local Burlesque performer Mia Moore will instruct this class at Glide Studio’s new location at 715 Lee Ave. Skills to develop include glove peeling, floor work, tassel twirling, audience connection and floor work. The class is welcomed to all ages, sizes, and skill sets. Attendees are asked to bring a pair of gloves and heels they can move in, as well as comfortable clothes to the one-and-a-half hour class. The course is $20 and starts at 2:30 p.m.

July 27-29: The Hilliard Uncorked: Spanish wine and art are paired with fine cheeses in celebration of The Hilliard’s massive exhibit, “Salvador Dali’s Stairway to Heaven.” Sommelier Dina Bohn of Marcello’s Wine Market and Café will guide attendees through a wine tasting, and Whole Foods Market will offer wine and cheese pairings. Following the wine and cheese tasting, the museum’s curator will take attendees though a tour of Dali’s work. Uncorked is $50 for Non-members of the museum and $45 for members.

July 31: Alexander Books: Stories Matter, A Live Reading Series: Lafayette’s favorite used bookstore/cat haven, Alexander Books, now hosts live readings one evening of the month. This Tuesday, South Carolina author Joseph Worthen will read. Worthen earned his master’s from the University of North Carolina Wilmington in fiction, and his work has appeared in “The Master’s Review,” “NOÖ Journal,” “Hobart,” “Wag’s Review,” and more. This free reading begins at 6 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m.