A well-furnished guest room is the key to a memorable stress-free visit with loved ones, friends or out-of-town business associates. And here are a few simple must-haves and handy tips to make your guest room cozy, efficient, and welcoming.

Make sure your guests can snuggle and peacefully dream in a comfortable bed. A sofa bed with a thin or lumpy mattress simply won’t do. Or at the very least, cover your worn out mattress with a luxurious featherbed topper and make sure the bedding is fresh, clean and soft with a high thread count. High-quality pillows will guarantee a restful sleep and a down comforter will offer your guests cloudlike comfort. For that extra special touch freshly iron your guests’ pillowcases.

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The essentials

You must provide lighting by the bed: a beautiful table lamp or an eye-easy reading lamp will do the trick. Also, provide a nightlight; stumbles can happen in unfamiliar surroundings. Other simple amenities include a lighted alarm clock, clean fluffy towels, a note about how to access your wifi and a power strip with several outlets and USB charging ports.

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Dedicated Space

Let your guests know you care by leaving a vase full of fresh flowers, flyers of local attractions gathered in a hand-crafted basket, adult coloring book with freshly sharpened colored pencils or perhaps the current issue of “New Orleans Home & Lifestyles.” Be sure to keep personal items out of this room. This is not the space for your Saints memorabilia, vintage doll collection or vastly underused treadmill. You want an uncluttered space to accommodate all of your guests’ items.

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Host with the most

Do you want a practical guide that establishes ground rules for successfully spending time with your house guests? We recommend the book “The Art of the Visit: Being the Perfect Host/Becoming the Perfect Guest” by Kathy Bertone.

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In the bag

A luggage rack is a simple accessory that makes a world of difference when it comes to comfort and efficiency. It comes in handy if you cannot provide enough storage as it will let your guests get their belongings in and out of their bags easily.