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Spring is a time of new life, bright green sprouts, and the beaming yellow hope of daffodils. It’s also the time for spring cleaning and garden planting so why not combine the two by organizing and updating your garden shed.

Because of its versatility and utility, a mobile cart is a must-have garden item. It keeps frequently used garden tools and supplies in one spot and properly organized. Also, a good garden cart can help with hauling bags of topsoil, bins of compost, terra cotta pots and handmade stepping stones. Thus, saving your back and knees from a gardener’s grueling pain. The Ultimate Garden Cart by Terrain (shopterrain.com) is certainly up for the task.



Lock it up
You also need a place to keep your seeds. You could use old pill bottles, resealable plastic bags, condiment containers, or baby food jars. Or if you want to be fancy, invest in some vintage lunch boxes or biscuit tins. If you store any cleaners, pesticides or other hazardous materials in your shed, consider keeping them up and away in a wall cabinet or similar lockable storage area.



Form and function
Want to be the envy of all your gardening friends? Then a wooden trug is a must. This is a garden accessory that combines functionality and ornamental value. Use them for collecting flowers and plant cuttings, as well as harvesting fruit, vegetables and herbs. Channel your inner Martha Stewart or give as a gift to your favorite gardener. This handcrafted myrtlewood garden trug set is made in the U.S.A.



Everything in its place
Do you waste time looking for your shovel only to find it in a patch of long grass? Or discover your hand shears under a forsythia bush? A staple in every garden shed is a proper tool rack. When your tool is in a tool rack in a dry shed, nothing can happen to it — no rust, no rot. We particularly like these racks that can hold a wide variety of different-sized tools.

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