Get Organized: Costume Closet Basics

New Orleanians know what it takes to make an event beyond brilliant: food, intoxicants, music, glitter and costumes — and not just during Mardi Gras. Throughout the year, there are dozens of opportunities for costuming. But are your dress-up duds stuffed into laundry bins or jumbled into a closet? These items are expensive, so organizing them will guarantee you’ll be able to dress like a queen at a moment’s notice.

Get Organized: Costume Closet Basics


Keep it Together

Julie Winn handles many outfits as the costumer for the New Orleans Opera. She offers the following: “My main suggestion is lots of clear plastic bins. That way you can see what you’ve stored and won’t forget what you have.” Large Ziploc bags also do the trick. They are great for small things like glasses, earrings and bowties. For extra clarity, use 2-inch by 4-inch labels to identify the contents. Also, perhaps go really professional and invest in The Ultimate Ditty Bag. It’s designed to hold one coordinated look in one bag, corralling the costume and all of its accessories.

To Repair or Not to Repair?

If you can find an item easily and it’s reasonably priced, don’t store it. If it’s a hard-to-come-by item and it needs a minor repair, fix it. But be cautious of setting aside a mountain of repair work on things you may never use again.

Get Organized: Costume Closet Basics


Child’s Play

New Orleans kids love their costumes too and can play dress up all day long. To keep them organized, this piece steals the show. It’s a dress up station complete with three storage shelves, a hanging bar, and a deep bottom with sides, which is the perfect spot for storing shoes and other accessories that won’t fit on a hanger.


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