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Little Boy With Down Syndrome Having Fun In The Swimming Pool With His Family

Ah, the pool house. It gives swimmers a place to freshen up and enjoy a snack or drink. Plus, guests aren’t tramping through the house in dripping swimsuits. But with all of the use — toys, floats, pool equipment, wet towels and wetter swim suits — the pool space is often disorganized and potentially dangerous. Consider a few options keep gear organized for safety and to maximize lazy and playful pool days.



Keeping things casual and low maintenance can’t be done without a durable rug. A sisal rug is just the ticket. It’s composed of natural fibers and earth tones, making it perfect for wet feet and high traffic.



Fashionable and functional, a cabinet can be the one thing that keeps everything in its place. This teak cabinet can store dry towels, toys and more and will add high style to your pool house.



Towel racks make poolside organization a breeze. This one blends effortlessly into outdoor or pool house décor and can handle multiple towels. Pro-tip: Hang a wine rack and place clean, dry rolled up towels where the wine bottles would go.



A pool house can be a shady lounge with a bar area or a full outdoor kitchen. But one of the most popular and useful things to have is a bathroom, and a beautiful shower can complement any pool house. This one is sleek and modern. If you are looking to create a relaxing staycation, an organized pool house can make any hot day feel like a summer getaway.




A large, blank wall near the pool is a handy place for storage. Gather outdoor-grade hooks with non-damaging adhesive on the back. Attach them to the wall and hang a cargo net on each of the hooks. Store floats, toys, pool noodles and more safely behind the net. Make sure it’s loose enough for easy access to fun pool accessories.


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