From a Michelin-starred meal to campfire grub one thing is constant: an organized kitchen is an efficient kitchen. Today’s home cook — who juggles work, kids and housekeeping — wants to get delicious and nutritious food on the table fast, so keeping this room organized translates into saving time, money and stress.  – By Pamela Marquis

Heavy-duty neodymium magnetic hooks are the perfect organizational tool. Positioned on the side of the refrigerator you can hang from them skillets, saucepans or whisks. Use a magnetic knife strip to get rid of that bulky knife block. Your knives will be visible and within reach. Also, consider a magnetic bulletin board for notes, recipes and young artists’ masterpieces.

Get Organized: Kitchen Ninja


Water bottles are a nuisance. Try placing them on their sides in a repurposed magazine holder. You can also use these holders to store rolls of parchment paper, aluminum foil and plastic wrap. Stack heavy glass dishes or lids with the help of wire organizers, the kind you put your manila folders in at your office. Need an island in your kitchen? Try using a second-hand desk. Cover it with 12-inch by 12-inch granite or marble floor tiles. They’re beautiful, easy to sanitize and you can knead bread and dice veggies on them. Store extra napkins and utensils in the desk’s drawers.

Get Organized: Kitchen Ninja


“The Organized Kitchen: Keep Your Kitchen Clean, Organized, and Full of Good Food and Save Time, Money, (and Your Sanity) Every Day!”  by Brette Sember

This book shares shelf and storage strategies, tips and tricks from master chefs and suggestions for making your kitchen safer. This book will be most helpful to new cooks and would be a great gift for a newlywed. 

Get Organized: Kitchen Ninja


Next level organizing

Make the most of your countertops by using a two-tier lazy susan to hold your kosher salt, Tony Chachere’s, hot sauce and olive oil. This will make those ingredients accessible when you’re cooking your Monday red beans. The bottom tier can hold your least-used herbs and spices.