Even for those who find mornings challenging, a well-organized and well-appointed breakfast nook can be the perfect place to launch one’s busy day, the comfy corner to lazily brunch on the weekend or the oasis to wind down after that busy day with a buttery chardonnay.

Let’s face it, a formal dining room can feel too fancy and stuffy for everyday use while a breakfast nook is meant to be cozy and inviting. Unlike expansive dining table sets, the breakfast nook is relatively small and casual, made for the kitchen or other informal area where the family might gather for breakfast or a relaxed lunch.

Designing for a breakfast nook is much like designing a powder room, as it gives you an opportunity to use a small space to make a big impact and clear design statement. It can be sleek and sophisticated or intimate and charming. A breakfast nook injects a dose of your unique style while maximizing and streamlining your kitchen space.

Whether it’s a place to read your morning paper, to help your children with homework or to munch, this small space can be the heart of your home.



Illuminate the space with a light fixture that glows with your aesthetic such as this one from Julie Neill Designs.



Time will tell
Wall art can be critical to bringing this space to life as it offers an engaging or relaxing focal point. Your favorite painting, hand-crafted tapestries or an heirloom quilt might be the perfect touch. Or hang a beautiful clock such as this one from Derby Pottery.



Setting the Stage
No nook is complete without table settings that delight the senses such as these tin plates from Hazelnut New Orleans or stoneware from Potsalot.



Form + Function
Using a built-in bench or banquette seating makes the most of often-unused spaces and provides plenty of casual seating for meals and more. It can also add useful storage. Be sure to add cushions and pillows that add visual interest and color.



Table Talk
To add elegance and much-needed leg room, a tulip table can be the perfect option.