Get Organized: Porch Perfect

Charming Porch

Whether they’re wraparound, screened in or versatile verandas, New Orleanians’ porches are the perfect place to peruse the morning newspaper, unwind after a hectic day or gather for an impromptu serenade. Sipping sweet tea or a glass of chardonnay while leisurely swinging on a wide pillow-clad porch swing is the height of Southern gentility. Keeping it organized can take a porch from simple utilitarian to sumptuous with just a few extra touches.



Light the night

Once the sun has set, a rustic candle chandelier will cast a romantic light and add a calming ambience to the space. Or add the quintessential New Orleans feel by adding gas light sconces. These hand-forged iron brackets by Bevolo’s craftspeople are available in natural gas, liquid propane, and electric.



Blowing in the breeze

Porch shades and outdoor curtains offer shade, block the wind and add a bit of privacy, plus loads of curb appeal. Outdoor curtains will effortlessly create a stylish and carefree environment. With so many colors, patterns and styles, finding curtains for your porch should be a snap. They are easily hung by grommets and are usually made from waterproof and mildew-resistant materials.



Modern classic

When we think of classic white wicker furniture it seems to evoke a certain Victorian sensibility but today’s wicker chaise lounges, swivel chairs, chat sets and loveseats come in modern styles, colors and price points. Go tropical with pieces made from rattan to create exotic getaway vibes. Rattan is a climbing vine-like plant and is an abundant, sustainable resource. Despite its delicate appearance, it is considered one of nature’s strongest materials.



Pièce de résistance

Just a swingin’

To complete your porch retreat add an iconic porch swing. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles from a farmhouse porch swing to an extra-deep porch swing, which offers the perfect space for napping after a delicious Sunday brunch. Be sure to add a variety of bold and colorful weatherproof cushions and pillows to capture your unique style. So kick back and enjoy witty conversations, casual visits with neighbors and friends and tender moments with loved ones — porches are where summer memories begin.

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