Every woman should feel like a star on her wedding day. What if we told you there is another way you can wear your dress and have the same glamorous feeling? 

Stacy Marks, photographer and owner of Stacy Marks Photography, is giving brides a new option to add to their wedding photography dreams. After seeing videos on social media of behind the scenes photo shoots for Victoria’s Secret and other high fashion companies, Marks had the idea to incorporate video into his bridal sessions. Shooting with a mirrorless Sony camera, Marks gets high quality 4k video of the bridal sessions while they are happening. 



Most brides are not professional models, but their bridal photo shoots already have the makings of a catwalk event with hair, makeup and a gorgeous outfit. 



For $350, brides can add the video onto their bridal session package or have their video stand alone. The videos are edited and put up on YouTube for all to see. 



Stacy Marks Photography

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