The year 2021 is the year of the comeback for travel, events and – more importantly – weddings. Something that combines all three of those comebacks is the bachelorette party. The BACH, an app that claims to make your bachelorette planning stress-free, recently released its 2021 Travel Report based on survey responses from 12,591 app users, as well as data collected from the over 500,000 app users.

Among the many aspects of a bachelor/bachelorette trip that were surveyed, it should come as no surprise that New Orleans made the top destination list. Rating No. 6 out of the Top 10, the Big Easy beat out Charleston, Savannah and Palm Springs and followed closely behind No. 5’s Austin, Texas.

The full survey looked at many aspects of a bach trip and there were a few surprising standouts. About 35.7 percent of users noted they already had two group trips planned in the rest of 2021 with 25.2 percent of trips taking place in August. For lodging, 77 percent of surveyors were looking for home rentals, but 16 percent are opting for hotels and given New Orleans’ growing picks of boutique and chic hotels, we suggest looking at the recently opened Kimpton Hotel Fontenot, The Chloe or the Hotel Saint Vincent, the latter of which just opened on Magazine Street.

Finally, the survey focused on what groups are doing once they arrive at their locations. The BACH noted that “transpotainment” – like party buses, pedal pubs and booze cruises – has grown exponentially in popularity offering open-air experiences, the ability to BYOB and a trip around all the most Instagrammable spots around NOLA. NOLA Bike Bar, Bar Bike New Orleans and New Orleans Booze Cruise are sure to live up to any bachelorette expectation.

The survey didn’t mention food or other entertainment, but – in our opinion – New Orleans tops all cities on the list when it comes to food. There are enough hip eateries around the city to fill breakfast, lunch, dinner, happy hour and after dinner drinks for each day of your stay. A few of our favorites include Jack Rose in the Pontchartrain Hotel, The Chloe hotel and Justine in the French Quarter.


See the full report from The BACH here.