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Rhiannon Enlil is celebrating National Women’s Month at the Sazerac House with her riff on the Gin Gin Mule, a drink originally created by New York cocktail luminary and mentor Audrey Saunders. Enlil counts Saunders and other women working in the early days of craft cocktails as profoundly inspirational and influential on her own career.  

The Gin Gin Mule, inspired by the Mojito and the Moscow Mule, is a perfect springtime thirst quencher. Enlil’s variation simplifies the recipe, replacing the homemade ginger syrup in Saunders’ recipe with Merchant’s Exchange Moscow Mule Mix. 

In her role as Experience Team Leader at the Sazerac House, Enlil leads tasting experiences and supervises a team that shares New Orleans’ cocktail history and culture with visitors. While locals may think that the focus there is only on history, Enlil is delighted that she has as much opportunity to explore and honor contemporary bartenders who have contributed fantastic cocktails to the present scene. 

If you can’t purchase the Merchants Exchange Moscow Mule mix, replace it and the soda water with an equal amount of quality ginger beer.

When muddling the mint, do so gently. Creating a paste can make it bitter. 

Watch a free virtual class on how to make The Gin Gin Mule on March 10th. For more information visit

Gin Gin Mule

2 oz. Henry Ramos Gin

0.5 oz. lime juice

0.75 oz. Merchant’s Exchange Moscow Mule Mix

10 mint leaves

1 mint sprig for garnish

2 oz. soda water

Ice cubes

1. Place the mint leaves in the mixing tin with Merchant’s Exchange Moscow Mule Mix and gently press with a muddler. 

2. Add lime juice and Henry Ramos Gin, then add ice and shake. 

3. Double strain over fresh ice into a tall glass. Top with soda water, then give a gentle stir. 

4. Garnish with a mint bouquet and a straw (optional).

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