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Theresa Cassagne
Mother of the Bride |!!!|or Mother of the Groom |!!!|Give the woman who helped you become the bride you are today and the woman who raised the man with whom you’ve chosen to spend your life something to toast all of the special days to come. Silver and rhinestone crown wine goblet|!!| silver and rhinestone fleur-de-lis wine goblet|!!| pewter fleur-de-lis wine goblet|!!| all at Giacona Corporation|!!| 121 Industrial Ave.|!!| Jefferson|!!| 835-5465.

While the wedding day is certainly all about the bride, there are those special people who made the big day possible: the doting bridesmaids, the patient parents, the adorable ring bearer and the charming flower girl. These fun gift ideas are the perfect way to show your appreciation to the bridal and groom’s parties and the many other helping hands it takes to plan and execute the perfect wedding.

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