Global Love Day


Today, May 1, is Global Love Day. During this stressful global pandemic, is important now more than ever to show love and appreciation for your partner. With that in mind, The Knot magazine and online wedding resource partnered with its sister companies, Hitched UK and Bodas to remind the world, #LoveIsNotCancelled and share findings from its Global Love Study.

The Global Love Study is a report with findings gathered from more than 15,000 couples in 15 different countries who were questioned about various aspects of their relationships. In a press release about the report, the team highlighted a few key findings.

  • In 14 out of 15 countries surveyed, spending quality time together was the most important factor in making couples feel appreciated
  • Couples in Italy are most likely to feel that a hug or a kiss was the top sign of appreciation, while British couples are among the least likely to value physical affection (but do value hearing “I love you!”)
  • Nearly 30 percent of Canadian couples met online, followed by roughly one-quarter of UK and United States pairs
  • In Brazil, 21 percent met via a religious institution compared to the majority of the other countries where an average of only 6 percent met through a religious institution

Another area of the report we found interesting was the percentage of couples who value time together. The U.S. fell in the under 50 percent category with regard to how many couples value time together, while the countries with the highest percentages are all Spanish-speaking countries. Additionally, people in Canada, the UK and the U.S. were more likely than any other countries to find their partners online and dating apps.

Kelly here — something I found interesting is Italy ranked the highest in those who were most likely to value a hug or a kiss from their partner, while also ranking high in how they met their partner through social connections and friends in common. Italian is considered a romance language and seeing that their statistics fall in the categories of being together, social and embracing one another, in my opinion, raised them a little higher in the area of romance and love.



Click here to view all of the findings of the Global Love Study and let us know in the comments what you think about the findings, and how you interact with your partner.



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