Glow Up

Summer in the South is like a marathon for our skin. We move between sweaty temps into cold air-conditioning, from salty days at the beach into chlorine-filled hours at the pool. All the while, for some us the only change we make in our skincare routine is adding extra sunscreen and laying off the heavy moisturizer. Experts agree we need to make smarter choices to avoid sunburn, rashes, dark spots and more. Here are the 10 rules of summer skincare:

1. UVA/UVB rays are at their strongest during summer and by spending more time outdoors, we are increasing our exposure. Protect your skin from the top to the bottom. Spray a mineral-based high-SPF sunscreen along the part in your hair and around your hairline to protect the sensitive skin on your scalp. Use face and body sunscreens to protect your skin all the way down to your toes and don’t forget to reapply regularly.

2. Antioxidants are key to keeping your skin healthy during the summer, choose a serum which feels light on your skin and sinks in fast and make sure you apply it at least twice a day.

3. Guard against dry skin. Yes, even when the air is moist, we still have to hydrate our skin, if we don’t, our pores will excrete excess sebum which creates shine and mixed with summer sweat, clogs our skin and leads to breakouts.   

4. Swap heavy creams for water-based serums and lighter moisturizers that, provide the hydration and offer soothing agents, while still allowing our pores to breathe.

5. Consider a serum which incorporates sebum-controlling, skin balancing and shine-control ingredients. These will prepare skin for any makeup application and many also contain useful antioxidants.

6. Summer is the best time to exfoliate as the humidity in the air reduces the chances of redness and sensitivity, so slough off your dead winter cells with a dry rub before you shower and slather on a rich moisturizer within three minutes of drying off to ensure your skin receives the hydration it needs. Avoid hot water, it will dry you out even more.

7. Three areas to watch out for are eyes, lips and brown spots. The skin around the eyes and on the lips is the most delicate and prone to sunburn so choose a product designed to protect it. Scars and dark spots come out in the sun: make sure you target these areas with a high-performance corrector especially at night when skin is in repair mode.

8. If you’re going for a natural, beachy makeup look consider a primer or tinted moisturizer with extra mattifying benefits. Not only do they smooth out imperfections, but they keep oily patches under control for hours allowing for a more even, all-over glow.

9. It’s not one and done! Make sure you keep your skin hydrated all day long with a refreshing facial mist. A clever choice will also include skin calming agents and protectants.

10. Finally, treat yourself to some cantaloupe. Rich in antioxidants, it provides hydration from the inside out and tastes good, too.  b

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