Like it or not, it is a gear-heavy month. Whether you are riding in, attending, or hosting a Mardi Gras event, you want to be sure you don’t end up in an inconvenient, uncomfortable or even unsafe situation. Alas, there are plenty of options to prepare for those long treks down “The Avenue” to find your people, place or party! Before venturing out, consider these four basic principles:


1) Keep your drink with you at all times 

Bringing your own insulated cup is both sustainable and safe! It simultaneously eliminates any single-use plastic waste and keeps you from accidentally drinking from someone else’s cup (not that I’ve ever done that). Plus, you need to keep that daiquiri frozen! It’s a no-brainer. Massey’s carries one you can wear around your neck, so your arms remain free for elbowing through the crowd.



Nutria coozie , Tchoup Industries

Upcycled Bike Insulated Beverage Holder, Massey’s

Corkcicle Sling Cooler, Phina


2) Wear an easily identifiable accessory 

Even if you’ve set up a veritable VIP lounge to protect your group, you will somehow still keep losing the same few people. Consider donning extra flair as your duty to being easily hunted down by your friends and family. And I don’t just mean purple, green and gold. It’s easier to find a sparkly pink wig than a Mardi Gras T-Shirt.



Velvet Shoelaces, Phina

Mardi Gras Evil Eye Brooch, Ellen Macomber

Hand Painted Hat, Cellas

Shimmery Socks, St Claude Social Club


3) Grab a timeout 

Mardi Gras is a sport. And as such there will be shouting, unnecessary roughness, and the need for timeouts. When it‘s your team’s timeout, you’ll want to make it count!



Anywhere Portable Chair, Cliq

Hand Painted Ladder Seat, Gris Gris Art

Helinox Portable Festival Chair, Judy at the Rink


4) Stay warm and dry 

It might rain and it might be freezing. It also might be humid and hot. Try and be prepared for at least one situation. Never trust the forecast. Go with your gut.



Tiny Towel, Uncommon Goods

Joules Rain Coat in a bag, Feet First

Rose Wine Bottle Umbrella, Nola T Shirt Club

Travel Blanket, Massey’s

Reverse Close Stick Umbrella, Ballins