I’m a child of the CD Age. Though I started with audiocassettes, very quickly into my early adolescence, the time when most of us start gathering music, I was all into CDs.

Though I still have most of my collection, six very large books taking up space in our living room that my husband is very excited to have back soon, I’ve joined those deep into the resurgence of vinyl.

My husband and some of his friends are avid collectors. So are our friends who are DJs. As well as a bunch of our favorite Academics. With all the time I was spending in record stores, I decided to start my own collection.

I began that collection on my last trip to see my parents in Dallas. Though they wouldn’t give me some of their favorites, I did pick some children’s records, both from my childhood and that of my father’s (Basil Rathbone reading Robin Hood!).

From there, while my husband was picking up what was then the brand-new Radiohead, I decided to pick up Hank Williams Sr.’s “Live at the Grand Ole Opry.” And when he was buying Laura Marling’s “Once I Was an Eagle,” I was buying Jimmy Dean’s “Big Bad John,” Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” and Rusty Warren’s “Knockers Up!”

I’m even lucky enough to be featured on a record; check out the Madd Wikkid’s “Brassft Punk!”

It’s a wonderful way to hear music, even new music, in a way you may never have before. There are pops and clicks and silences that speak volumes, and there’s a depth and the warmth to vinyl that I find missing when I listen to Spotify or iTunes, for example.


If you find yourself in a similar predicament, try out my 3 favorite places to buy vinyl:

Domino Sound Record Shack

A very edited selection with incredible finds, especially in world, jazz and punk.

2557 Bayou Road, 309-0871, DominoSoundRecords.com


Euclid Records

The new location feels like it more than doubles the space; leave yourself at least a couple hours to get lost in their incredible collection.

3301 Chartres St., 947-4348, EuclidNola.com


Louisiana Music Factory

Looking for music by your favorite local? Or for that vintage soul album you heard on WWOZ? Shopping after work? Check, check and check.

421 Frenchmen St., 586-1094, LouisianaMusicFactory.com