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Deep-frying things makes bad food good and good food better – that’s always been one of my governing tenets. Likewise, monogramming makes bad clothes good and good clothes better. And when you have a monogrammed seersucker bathing suit, you’re winning at life.

Goodbye, Summer

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Right at the start of summer, my baby turned 5. “A whole hand!” she said excitedly. “I am a whole hand old now!”

Goodbye, Summer

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Ruby spent three weeks at Camp Point Clear and, once again, loved every second. “Camp is home now (sorry!)” she wrote me.

Goodbye, Summer

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Georgia started ballet – with the same teacher who’s been teaching Ruby since she was 18 months old.

Goodbye, Summer

Photo 5

She also took a ridiculous amount of selfies on my phone whenever I left it unattended.  #DigitalNative

Goodbye, Summer

Photo 6

We made a more-or-less ill-fated trip to St. Louis, although it had its moments, like this iconic Fourth of July carnival.

Goodbye, Summer


Taking the girls to my alma mater was amazing – Ruby is already sold on the idea of being a Mizzou tiger, and Georgia is considering it as long as Sparky’s ice cream stays open.

Goodbye, Summer Goodbye, Summer

Prince Charming

Georgia starred as Prince Charming in Southern Rep camp’s “Cinderella.” In your face, gender roles!

Goodbye, Summer


Getting Ruby back after most of the summer away was a true highlight. When she left, I could rest my chin on her head. When she got back, she was up to my eyebrows.

Goodbye, Summer

First day

And now I have a middle-schooler and a kindergartener.

Goodbye, Summer


Summer went way too fast. It’s all going way too fast!