Grape Evening

Karl Hoefer|!!| Mamie Gasperecz and Tommy Westervelt

When the theme of a party is “Amazing Grapes,” the dinner by Chef Horst Pfeifer and wife Karen, the venue The Foundry and the beneficiary the Hermann-Grima/Gallier Historic Houses, you can bet the wines on auction and on your table are not “chateau screw-top!”

The 2008 Amazing Grapes Fine Wine and Entertaining Auction, underwritten by Ibernia Bank, chaired by Ellen Coleman and vice-chaired by Carolyn Fitzpatrick, was more than entertaining. It enticed wine lovers Ralph and Susan Brennan, James and Susan Gundlach, Dr. Bob De Belleve, Stephanie and Ken Carroll and other to donate from their cellars and to bid on bottles large and small of grand cru, not to mention trips, events such as choice seats for Emeril’s Carnival du Vin in November and even parties at places such as Dickie Brennan’s and the Hermann-Grima courtyard.

When it came time for the big bidding, the serious wine collectors collected: There was a three-liter bottle of 2005 Ramey Jericho Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon – the last year of this particular wine – a 2000 Reserve de la Comtesse, Chateau Pincon Longueville, a 1997 Ducru Beaucaillou, a 1990 Louis Latour Grand Vin de Chateau Latour, a Pauillac, along with a group of four 2000 Napa Valley Reserve from the private club founded by Bill Harlan that cannot be found on any local wine shelf (and not even in Napa).

Grant Coleman and chair Ellen Coleman with vice chair Carolyn Fitzpatrick and Brian Fitzpatrick

Katie Hovas and Tiffany Adler

Valerie and Adam Marcus

Pam Dongieux, Mary Johnson and Wendy Bruton