Green Design

Liz Davey
Photographed by Greg Miles

Tulane University

As Director of Tulane University’s Office of Sustainability, Liz Davey is an experienced member of Tulane’s ”Green Machine,” a large group of staff and faculty who have incorporated green building practices into the planning, design, construction and operation of Tulane’s buildings. Davey has worked on Tulane’s environmental sustainability programs for more than 15 years, collaborating with university departments, offices and student organizations that want to reduce their environmental impact or create learning opportunities for students in sustainability. “We have seen great dedication to green building practices and the LEED Green Building Rating system as the city has rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina,” says Davey. “There is a greater awareness of our vulnerability to environmental hazards, and a desire to rebuild in the best way possible.”  Davey says that achieving high building energy efficiency in New Orleans’ hot, humid climate is a challenge. But Tulane’s strides are noteworthy. They recently completed a longterm plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are in the process of constructing the River and Coastal Center, the home of the Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research. According to Davey, the energy cost is expected to be over 40 percent less than a baseline building.

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