Part of a leader’s job is to motivate and inspire others, and at Thibodaux Regional Health System, inspiration is around every corner. While CEO Greg Stock recognizes his duty to inspire Thibodaux Regional’s vast family of employees, he often finds his own inspiration to lead comes from them.

“The people of Thibodaux Regional are truly committed to patient-centered care—it’s their commitment, passion, courage and caring that inspires me,” says Stock. “If there’s anything people should know about us, it’s that we really do care.”

Despite the many challenges—economic and otherwise—brought on by the pandemic, Thibodaux Regional Health System has continued adapting, growing, and thriving. According to Stock, innovative care for the community has been what continues to propel the hospital to recognitions such as a 5-Star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the highest rating awarded for providing quality care, and to the Healthgrades Outstanding Patient Experience Award, which Thibodaux Regional has received 14 years in a row.

 “Our pursuit of excellence has yielded results that are extraordinary in some cases,” he says. Stock credits the hospital’s winning culture for its sustained performance excellence and its vision for the growth that some thought unimaginable in a relatively rural area.

“If there’s anything people should know about us, it’s that we really do care.”

Evidence of Thibodaux Regional’s exponential growth includes its new, state-of-the-art Cancer Institute. With an astounding, 80,000-square-foot footprint, the Cancer Institute will continue to deliver the Bayou region with quality, advanced cancer care close to home.

Thibodaux Regional’s popular Wellness Center is also growing. Currently in its second phase of expansion, the Wellness Center will add a multi-purpose field, tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, and other facilities to its amenities. These additions will not only help individuals achieve the highest quality, most active lifestyle possible but will also increase the economic impact of the region with outside events and tournaments.

As the cost of providing care increases across the healthcare industry, Stock sees a trend of other providers focusing less on wellness—a trend he and Thibodaux Regional refuse to adopt. With programs like WellFit, which integrates wellness into clinical care, Thibodaux Regional has embraced a vision and adopted new and improved ways of doing things that have a real impact.

“We are passionate about Thibodaux Regional living up to its purpose for being,” says Stock.

Thibodaux Regional Health System
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