NEW ORLEANS (press release) – After battling the ups and downs of operating a restaurant during the Coronavirus pandemic, Gris-Gris Executive Chef Eric Cook is changing up his business model and opening the restaurant once again with a new spin – launching a variety of exclusive in-restaurant dining experiences tailored to small groups. Available to guests in August (starting August 7) and September, Cook will give small groups the opportunity to book the entire restaurant for a one-of-a-kind private culinary experience for a safer, more intimate dining experience. Inspired by the successful following of his “Dinner After Dark” series created many years ago, Chef Cook and his team will work directly with guests to plan a unique menu specific to each party using the freshest Gulf Seafood and local ingredients – whether a multi-course dinner with wine pairings, weekend brunch, or intimate cocktail party.

Reservations can be made NOW by emailing or calling/texting (504) 435- 5151.

Exclusive dining experiences can include (but are not limited to):

  • Seated dinners for up to 12 in Gris-Gris’ Samedi Room.
    • 3 course menus (with wine pairings) available for $100/per person.
    • 4 course menus (with wine pairings) available for $120/per person.
  • Cocktail party or reception for up to 25 people in Gris-Gris’ upstairs dining room and balcony (must adhere to all social distancing and mandated precautions).
  • Food and beverage minimum: $1,200.

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“We’ve really missed sharing our passion for true New Orleans hospitality and food,” said Cook. “We are continuing the fight to keep our culture alive and show the world our resilience as a united community – and friends and family around the table is a good place to start.”

Cook was one of the first chefs to temporarily close its doors due to COVID 19 – to prevent food waste after closing, Gris-Gris announced via social media that the restaurant would provide free meals for New Orleans medical professionals and city officials, distributing over 1200 in just two days before closing its doors. Staying cautious, Gris-Gris reopened a few weeks later for takeout only, and transitioned into in- restaurant dining at 50% capacity on July 1. Just a few days later, Cook received news that a staff member was not feeling well and immediately closed the restaurants doors, soon to find out that the staff member was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Cook plans to keep the restaurant closed in August and September for additional in-restaurant dining and focus solely on intimate private dinners.