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Growing Up, Take 2

Georgia has officially been accepted into pre-K, and boy, do I have a lot of feelings about this!

In some ways, it’s easier than it was with Ruby. The emotional toll of sending Ruby to pre-K, I am pretty sure, is what prompted me to get pregnant with Georgia in the first place. “My baby is growing up?” I must have thought. “Well, I better have another!”

It will be easier sending Georgia to pre-K for several reasons:

  1. I have done this before and will be less stressed out about it.
  2. Georgia is going to pre-K only steps away from where she already attends a 3-year-old program and where she will be attending camp all summer, so the transition should be pretty seamless.
  3. Georgia is just an easier kid, much more willing to go with the flow than Ruby was or is.

There will be some changes – she will have to wear a uniform; she will likely have at least some kind of homework – but ultimately, I am really, fairly uncharacteristically, not that worried about it.

There are, however, several reasons why sending Georgia to pre-K will be harder than sending Ruby:

  1. She is still so tiny. At age almost-4, she is still in 2T clothes. She probably won’t be big enough for a booster seat until age 6. She is fiercely independent and extremely verbal, but she is still just 28 pounds, and I can’t quite wrap my head around the idea of her eating in the cafeteria with fifth graders.
  2. She is younger than Ruby was when she started pre-K. Ruby, a December baby, was closer to 5 than 4 when she started. Georgia, though, will have just turned 4 at the end of May when she starts in August. Again, I am sure she can hold her own; I just have had less time to get used to the idea than I did with Ruby.
  3. She is my baaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyy. I have always babied Georgia more than Ruby. Some of this is due to their personalities, but some of it is just my own inherent maternal bias.

I am excited about Georgia starting school, and I am sad about it, too. Every parent can understand that, I’m sure. I also am confident that as the day draws closer, I will in fact start panicking and stressing and that, just as I did with Ruby, I will sob hysterically my entire way to work after Georgia walks bravely into that pre-K classroom.

The only thing I know for certain right now is that I definitely won’t react by getting pregnant again! 



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