Michelle Miller is the owner of H. Rault Locksmith. In 1845, Joseph Rault, an 18-year old French immigrant, opened a gunsmith shop at 515 Bourbon St. Rault’s son, Henri, learned locksmithing, and the business moved to 3027 Magazine St. in 1947. Today, H. Rault is the second oldest locksmith in the United States. This unique shop is well-known to locals, who have patronized it for generations. According to Miller, “We have people that come…their grandfathers brought them and now they are bringing their sons, and their sons; it’s like a general thing.” In addition to its local clientele, H. Rault Locksmith has customers from all over the United States and Europe. For many New Orleanians, especially those who live in old homes with heirloom furniture, H. Rault Locksmith is a one-of-a kind source for specialized antique locks. In fact, many locals consider H. Rault Locksmith to be one of the best-kept “secrets” in Uptown New Orleans.


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