These gentlemen have been dressing New Orleans for decades.

But how do they dress themselves?

David Rubenstein’s sense of style is literally innate – he was born into the industry. When the renowned men’s fashion purveyor opened its doors on April 24, 1924, Rubenstein’s developed a reputation of fine fabrics and impeccable tailoring. The same holds true today, and Rubenstein thinks part of the store’s success is based on keeping it in the family.

“My brother and I got into the business after college in the 1960s, and the store really transitioned in the ’70s,” he says. “We had acquired the entire store by that time, and opened suburban stores in The Plaza and Lakeside Mall.”

Though the satellite stores are no longer here, the Rubenstein’s reputation is still formidable, as Rubenstein ensures the store stays modern and classic simultaneously; it truly is a store with something for everyone.

“I think I have good fashion sense,” he jokes. “I grew up in men’s fashion … I was brought up to understand you were bringing people things they really enjoy.”

As for his personal aesthetic, this fashion veteran keeps things fresh by blending traditional items with cutting-edge ones. “Sure I have my favorites, like quality Italian fabrics,” he says. “But the key is timeless fashion.”

On Rubenstein: Sport coat and tie, Brioni; shirt and slacks, Ermenegildo Zegna; belt, Turino; loafers, Bruno Magli.