Hair Trends for Summer 2013

Summer is near, I promise, and with the right hair trend you can look fresh and younger! For the season, hair is simple yet highly stylish and fashionable in such great styles that won’t only improve your appearance, but will also protect your hair so it stays healthy.


One of the most classic and never-ending hair trends is the ponytail. You can simply lift up your hair and tie it up with metal hairclips or classic ribbons to get the look. This simple hairstyle can really boost your appearance without exaggerating your look. You can lift your hair high or make simple knots above your nape. Tip: Don’t forget to use hair serum before tying it up.

Hair Trends for Summer 2013


This style combines braids and an up-do. Simply part your hair and braid each side then lift them up and tie them on the top front of your head. Use clips or ribbons to secure the braids.


Hair Trends for Summer 2013
Slight Waves

On the contrary to the big waves, which were popular about a year ago, slight waves can make you look stylish with a softer effect and messy style. You only need to run your fingers through when your hair is towel dried. Forget the hair dryer. Consider adding soft highlights if you come to like this style.


Hair Trends for Summer 2013

Blunt Bangs

It seems that blunt bangs become hip again every few seasons. Believe it or not, having a blunt bang can really change your appearance without having to spend a fortune on an extravagant makeover.


Hair Trends for Summer 2013

Low Volume

If you like going back to a 1970s style, this is the best option. You don’t need high-maintenance care with this cut as it mixes Boho and messy styles. It is perfect for wavy or curly textures as you only need to towel dry to let moisture out and you’re done.


Hair Trends for Summer 2013

Knots are one of the biggest trends in hair; it’s a chic and easy way to add an element of fun to your summer look. From a classic chignon to a high-set topknot, or even a messy knot, you can be creative with your parting and position to take your style from day to night in a flash.


Hair Trends for Summer 2013


Try adding a pop of color to your summer style! While “ombre” continues to be a huge trend this season, you can also brighten up your color by simply adding some buttery blond pieces or bright tones like pink or blue if you’re looking for a daring change. A fun way to experiment with color without the commitment is by adding one or two-colored clip-in extensions!

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